What is Source 2?

There is quite a bit of hype around the release of CS2 and everybody talks about Source 2. But what is Source 2 exactly and how will it impact the game of Counter-Strike?

What is

Source 2

What is Source 2?

What is Source 2?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was developed by Valve and the game engine that was used for that is the legendary Source Engine. Source was released in 2004 and is almost 20 years old now. That is the reason why it is considered outdated nowadays.

In 2015 a successor to this engine was announced: Source 2. Valve also started to transfer Dota 2 to the new engine in the same year already. CS players are wondering if the same is going to happen to their game eversince. This year it was finally announced that CS:GO will get a successor as well in the form of CS2 and it was confirmed that it will run on Source 2.

What kind of difference will Source 2 make?

Part of the reason why CS:GO has received fewer and fewer updates over the years is, that the developers were really limited in their possibilites of implementing new elements to the game. This will definitely change with the implementation of Source 2.

The new engine also will bring better and more realistic physics to the game, better lighting and modern tools for community developers to bring the community content to a whole other level.

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