Upcoming Changes on Skinport

This article is designed to inform you about the upcoming changes on

Upcoming Changes on Skinport

Upcoming Changes on Skinport

Upcoming changes

We are currently in the process of switching over to a new payment service provider from Adyen N.V. ( to further improve our marketplace. In the future all transactions will be made via Adyen. We expect to be able to change on the 7th of December 2020. This change reinforces our permanent effort to improve our platform by making it even more customer-friendly.

  1. The balance system will be abolished. Purchases with balance will no longer be possible.

  2. Buyers can pay their shopping carts directly instead of having to load up balance before.

  3. Sellers will receive their proceeds daily/weekly/monthly to their local bank account in their currency (no exchange rate issues anymore), once they reach the minimum payout threshold. Payouts do not have to be requested anymore. We will only be able to send payouts to the supported countries.


What do I have to do until 7th of December?

Because we are going to abolish the balance system we ask you to pay out all the remaining balance you have. If a payout is not possible you can use your balance to buy skins. This will be possible until 6th of December. Please bear in mind to use up all your balance.

In case you have not done it already, please add your SEPA/Euro bank account to your Skinport account or link your Payoneer account ( so we can automatically send payouts to your account.

If you are left over with balance in December we will try to find an individual solution for you. But please be aware that depending on your resident country that can take several weeks.

On the day of the change (7th of December) our web page will not be available for a few hours due to the implementation of the changes.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping us to improve our platform sustainably.