The Kilowatt Case - A closer Look

Valve released their first case in CS2 yesterday and it's time to take a close look at the skins that you can get from this.


Kilowatt Case

The Kilowatt Case - A closer Look

Kukri Knife

Kukri Knife

Let's start with the most rare outcome that you can get when unboxing a Kilowatt Case Container: the Kukri Knife. Kukri Knives in the real world are originated in the Indian subcontinent and used as a weapon but also a regular cutting tool in South Asia. Data miners found tracks of the Kukri Knife in the game files of CS2 even weeks ago and now it is finally here.

It comes in several different finishes and has a distinctive curved blade which gives it a unique shape and makes it very recognizable.

Covert Skins (Red Skins)

Covert Kilowatt Case

The two Covert Skins that you can obtain from the Kilowatt Case are the AK-47 Inheritance and the AWP Chrome Cannon, which are both absolutely S-Tier skins in our opinion.

The AK-47 Inheritance comes with a floral design and a white base, which makes it look like it's made out of porcelain and belongs in a display case at a museum for fine art, rather than a weapons loadout.

The AWP Chrome Cannon is also quite artsy but not in the sense of a fine porcelain tea cup but rather some linear modern art that is elegant and nice to look at. It is colorful but not overwhelming for the eye and fits greatly into a lot of loadouts.

Classified Skins (Pink Skins)

Classified Kilowatt Case

For the pink skins we've got the M4A1-S Black Lotus, the USP-S Jawbreaker and an absolute novum: the first and brand new Zeus x27 skin Olympus.

To have a case which contains a nice AK-47, AWP and M4A1-S skin is an absolute blessing and this one definitely checks all the marks with the M4A1-S Black Lotus. A beautiful floral design kept on a dark theme makes this one very elegant and classy.

Also there's the first Zeus x27 skin ever in the game: the Zeus x27 Olympus. Covert with a stunning artwork of the greek god Zeus himself, this one is definitely a great start to a potential series of Zeus skins.

Furthermore there's the USP-S Jawbreaker completing the pink category. It contains some wild graffiti art that goes really well with a lot of other skins in the game like the M4A1-S Hyperbeast for example.

Restricted Skins (Purple Skins)

Restricted Kilowatt Case

What's missing in a case with a great AK-47, AWP and M4A1-S skin? Usually the answer would be 'nothing' but here's also a great M4A4 skin as well, as if it wasn't enough already.

The M4A4 Etch Lord comes with a snake design on it and although it isn't as flashy as the skins previously covered, it has definitely some aesthetic to it.

The Glock-18 Block is really unique with it's childrens toy inspired design. There are toy bricks on it that look exactly like those everyone knew and owned as a kid and it's a super interesting design.

The Sawed-Off Analog Input is a really colorful and flashy skin, the MP7 Just Smile has some great graffiti style art and the Five-SeveN Hybrid is a great skin for enjoyers of the purple themed loadouts.

Mil-Spec Skins (Blue Skins)

Mil Spec Kilowatt Case

For the blue skins we have the MAC-10 Light Box, the XM1014 Irezumi, the Nova Dark Sigil, the Tec-9 Slag, the Dual Berettas Hideout, the UMP-45 Motorized and the SSG 08 Dezastre.

Although these skins surely aren't as desirable as the rarer ones in the Kilowatt Case of course, they're nothing to be sad about if you unbox one of these. Especially the MAC-10 Light Box is a great skin that fits perfectly into purple themed loadouts but also looks great on its own.