Sticker Capsule Ambush - A closer Look

The brand new sticker capsule named 'ambush' just got released in Counter-Strike 2. We'll take a closer look at the stickers that you can obtain from it.


Sticker Capsule

Sticker Capsule Ambush - A closer Look

Lenticular Stickers

Ambush Lenticular

Let's start off with the most rare stickers that you can get from the Ambush capsule: the Lenticular stickers.There are 3 of them in this capsule: Old School, Dystopian Gaze and Econometer and they couldn't be any more different than they are.

The Old School Sticker is an homage to the good ol' Counter-Strike 1.6 days. It shows an old tube monitor which is used to play CS 1.6. In 2024 tube monitors are almost a relict straight out of an ancient time and there's a whole generation of players, that did not ever see one in real life and yet this sticker is absolutely iconic.

The Dystopian Gaze Sticker covers some completely different topics. Rather than nostalgia and the good old days this sticker is inspired by pure dystopia like Orwells 1984 for example. The artwork of an eye is very fitting for this topic and the tech-art inside the eye is just mind-blowing.

And then there's yet another sticker in the Lenticular category that is called Econometer. Instead of covering an abstract topic or providing nostalgia, this one is straight out of a situation each and every CS2 player can relate to: Are we going to save up, or force this round? This decision is perfectly captured in the artwork of this sticker with its graffiti-esque font-style.

Foil, Holo & Glitter

Foil Ambush

In this category we also have a lot of great options. There are some really cool and creative designs included that we want to talk about.

Wether it's the "On an Eco" sticker with the wordplay on eco and recycling or the "Cedar Creek" sticker which is a direct reference to the nuclear power plant that is located on de_nuke. Some other stickers are just quite beautiful like the Lotus sticker or the Lost in Smoke sticker.


Paper Ambush

Even in the 'lowest' category there are some real gems. The AKickflip-47 is a reference to a viral clip where a user managed to pull off a 'kickflip' with an AK-47 lying on the ground by shooting at it.

Also some great humor with the Please Return to sticker and the Peek-a-Boo sticker. There's also even an homage to the old Zeus, that has been updated in this patch with the Retro Zeus sticker.