Looking to Buy CSGO Skins? Don't Spend Money on Avoidable Fees!

If you are new to online games or their trading communities and want to buy some CS:GO skins or Dota 2 items, you may not be sure how this all works.

Buy CS Skins?

Looking to Buy CSGO Skins? Don't Spend Money on Avoidable Fees!

Skinport is the safe and easy-to-use marketplace for digital items from games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 and Rust. What makes these items special is that they can be traded using the Steam trading functionality. This makes it possible for Skinport to offer you a safe marketplace on which you can buy these items for real cash. By doing this, you can save a lot of money compared to the Steam Community Market. Some items are not even available on the Steam Community Market, because their prices exceed the maximum price allowed on there. So, whether you are looking to buy some new skins with a great discount or want to pick up some rare and expensive items, Skinport is the right marketplace to buy CS:GO skins.

CS:GO Marketplaces Traffic Compared

Especially if you compare the user visits on the website itself, Skinport shows significantly higher traffic than other marketplaces for CS:GO skins. If you look at the combined user visits in June 2022 for SkinBid, SkinBaron and BitSkins combined, they still dont exceed Skinports figure and this also shows in Skinports well functioning ecosystem regarding CS:GO skins.

Marketplace User Traffic compared
Marketplace User Traffic compared

Skinport clearly shows much higher user visits than any of the competing marketplaces for CS:GO skins shown above and hence an active marketplace with competitive prices and deals for its users. The offers on Skinport are not only versatile for people that look to buy CS:GO skins, but also interesting for users who try to sell many different CS:GO skins: a lot of people that visit the website leads to a lot of sold items, so sellers don't have to wait very long until their offers get noticed by people looking for a great deal for CS:GO skins.

Over 620.000 CS:GO Skins currently listed on Skinport

As for the benefits for Skinport users, the fee model implemented on our website is another positive aspect. Most important, however, there are no purchase fees at all on Skinport when buying CS:GO Skins and this makes it a very interesting marketplace for all people interested in skins.


Purchase Fee




2.5% + $0.14


5% + 0.35€


2.7% + $0.3


1.1% - 3%



(based on the payment method credit/debit card) Skinports fees can easily be researched online and are visible to users without requiring them to create an account first. Of course, it can happen that your bank charges extra fees for individual payment methods, over which the marketplace has no influence at all. In that case, the user would have to check the conditions of his own bank for individual payment methods himself.

So if you look at skin prices on marketplaces with purchase fees, you will have to consider that the shown price is not always the price you are going to pay in the end. That makes the skins more expensive than you perhaps expect at first and you should keep this in mind when comparing prices for listed CS:GO skins across different marketplaces.

2022/07/21: The article was shortened and the title adjusted.