CS2 Case Drops Explained

After this article you will know everything about the current CS2 Case Drop System. Which Cases are actively dropping and which cases are already discontinued and can no longer be obtained.


Case Drops

CS2 Case Drops Explained

If you're a CS2 player looking to maximize your inventory's value, understanding the active drop pool for weapon cases is essential. This guide will provide you with detailed information on the current cases available in drops, the rare cases you might get lucky with, and the discontinued cases you can no longer receive via drops.

Weekly Care Package

With the update from CS:GO to CS2, the weekly drop system has been reworked and rebranded to "weekly care package". You will now get the option to choose two out of four random drops as you level up for the first time in the week. One will always be a case and the other three options are graffities or weapon skins from actively dropping collections.

Active Drop Collections

  • The Dust 2 Collection

  • The 2018 Nuke Collection

  • The 2018 Inferno Collection

  • The Italy Collection

  • The Lake Collection

  • The Safehouse Collection

  • The Train Collection

  • The Bank Collection

Keep in mind, that you need to own the prime status to be eligible to receive a weekly drop.

Since cases are the most desirable weekly drop, we will focus on the cases in this article.

Active Drop Pool

The active drop pool in CS2 includes the most recent and common cases you are likely to receive when you level up your profile each week.

Here are the 5 cases currently in the active drop pool:

Once a new case gets released, the oldest case will leave the active drop pool and will be moved to the rare drop pool.

Rare Drop Pool Cases

In addition to the common cases, there is a small chance of approximately 1% of receiving a case from the rare drop pool. Mathematically speaking, you will get a rare case every 100th weekly drop or close to every 2 years if you level up once a week. These cases are older and generally have a higher value due to their rarity. You can consider yourself lucky if you get one of these cases in your weekly drop!

Here are the rare cases currently available:

Discontinued Cases

Certain cases have been discontinued, meaning they no longer drop in-game and can only be obtained through trading or purchasing from marketplaces like Skinport.

Here are the discontinued cases:

Discontinued cases are often highly valuable due to their limited availability. Collectors are always on the lookout for these, as they can significantly increase the value of an inventory.

As the available supply of discontinued cases can no longer grow, it might also be worth keeping an eye on the price. We all regret selling our Operation Breakout Cases for 0.03$ on the steam community market many years ago...

Regardless of whether the case is currently part of the active or rare drop pool, you can find all of the cases of the last 10 years on Skinport! By clicking the name of the case you are looking for, you will be redirected to the active listings on Skinport.