5 Years of Skinport

It's with great joy and gratitude that we celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Skinport! As we reflect on the incredible journey of the past half-decade, we are filled with pride for what we've accomplished and anticipation for the exciting future ahead.

5 Years

of Skinport
5 Years of Skinport

Skinport was founded in 2019 with a vision to revolutionize the skin trading game by providing an easy-to-use and secure platform for everyone. From humble beginnings, we set out on a mission to become one of Europes largest marketplaces for skins, and it's been an incredible ride ever since.

To summarize the whole journey and celebrate the success of Skinport with you, we want to share some stats on the evolution of our site over the recent years:

From a few Enthusiasts to the massive Skinport Army

Active Members

As we celebrate our 5-year journey, we proudly announce that Skinport has achieved a remarkable milestone – over 2 million active users! This incredible growth follows the earlier achievement of surpassing 1 million users in early 2022. These numbers reflect not just numerical triumphs, but the trust and loyalty of a vast and vibrant community. We want to thank each and everyone of you for being part of the Skinport Army and for enabling this awesome story of our site.

To the Moon

Skinkaufpreis Gesamt

From the beginning until now you guys accumulated a mind-boggling 380 Million US Dollars in skin sale prices. This had a profound impact on the whole industry and sets new heights in terms of sales volume. With great pleasure we gave our best to provide you the best and safest user experience possible to make all of this happen and we gladly do so in the future to reach even higher milestones together with you guys.

One of the largest Marketplaces for Skins

Sales created within the 5 years of Skinport:

Sales Created

Items sold:

Sold Items

Within the fabric of Skinport's success story, one statistic shines brightly, illuminating the dynamic exchange of skins and the flourishing marketplace we've become – over 20 million items sold. As we commemorate our 5-year anniversary, this impressive number encapsulates the journey of countless transactions, each a testament to the vibrancy, reliability, and community-driven ethos that defines Skinport.

The creation of over 20 million sales is a monumental achievement, illustrating the trust and confidence our community places in Skinport as their preferred platform for skin trading. It's a reflection of the diverse interests and passions that converge within our marketplace, where users from across the globe find common ground in their love for skins.